Your support can help Students for Life Action train and mobilize this generation of pro-life leaders to impact public policy and influence key elections to restrict and abolish abortion in America.

Since 2006, Students for Life of America has trained more than 163,000 student activists nationwide and currently supports more than 1,400 Students for Life groups in all 50 states. Students for Life Action (SFLAction) deploys these energetic, passionate members of the Pro-Life Generation to the frontlines of the battlefield, where the abortion industry has identified they are the most vulnerable state-level politics. 

With your support, Students for Life Action empowers and utilizes our pro-life movement’s best, untapped resource an army of young people across the nation to kick the abortion industry out of schools and ensure key state political victories to make abortion unprofitable, restrict abortion access, and embrace a post-Roe America.   Our strategy is simple: Elections. Laws. Leaders.

Outside of elections, SFLAction shares model legislation including Chemical Abortion bans and overall goal legislation, Protection at Conception.

With your support, our students will continue to receive the training and mentorship that only SFLAction offers. The training will lead them to hold office in their states, run for school boards, cast important votes, and so much more! 

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